Meetings are at UC Davis in GBSF 4202 on Fridays 1:30 – 3:00 pm, unless otherwise noted. Materials (e.g. presentations, additional links) for some of the topics may be found in the blog posts.

Date Leader/Speaker Topic
July 29, 2016,
1:30 pm
Yimin Hu Neural networks & autoencoders
June 29, 2016,
3 pm
N/A Network biology video screening & discussion
April 13, 2016,
3 pm
Aparna Rajpurkar Work in progress seminar: Performing unsupervised clustering on Early Replicating Fragile Sites and evaluation methods for clustering
April 1, 2016 Christopher Conley FUSENET:
March 4, 2016 Gerald Quon PyClone:
March 3, 2016,
1 pm GBSF 1005
Fabio Vandin Seminar: Computational methods for finding significantly mutated pathways in cancer
February 19, 2016 Catalina Anghel CoMEt:

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